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Offshore Generators

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offers its customers a wide selection of generators designed to operate in very different conditions.
The production of offshore generating sets is one of the fields in which the company best expresses its ability to customize its product...Learn more

Archive - Miming and Quarries Line

Miming and Quarries Line



has a very solid experience in mining and experts in this field consider this brand a synonym of quality and reliability. 
This reputation lays its foundations in the passion and constant innovation pursued in their Research and Development activities. We always welcome the opinions and experiences of professionals working in this field and make it a tool for improvement...Learn more

Archive - CRANE-FREE Fusteq2O

CRANE-FREE Fusteq 2O with hydraulic lifting system

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On the Bauma Exhibition in April 2016 TECNOGEN presented an exceptional innovation, a CRANE-FREE FQ 20' CONTAINER. The new 1250 kVA PRP power generator, thanks to its hydraulic lifting system, allows lifting the 20’ soundproofed container without the aid of a crane, with considerable saving of time and money...Learn More

Archive - German Police

TECNOGENsupports the German police

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With the aim to reply to the need of electric current and light during night shifts, German Police asked for a tender issued by German Ministry of Interior, in order to have a supply for lighting systems and power generators.

BGG Deutschland GmbH won the tender thanks to the conformity of TECNOGEN lighting towers to the tender's specifications...Learn More

Archive - Hybrid Power

TECNOGEN presents the hybrid power

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presents the new hybrid range. The combustion engine meets one of the latest Lithium batteries technologies to provide the best performance in terms of respect of the environment, OPEX and fuel saving.

Telecommunications, Rental power and Lighting power...Learn more

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