TecnoGen products are more and more present on the market of big events, it is not by chance that the number of companies specialized in shows organizations decide to rely on this renowned and reliable brand is increasing.

The ability to satisfy the most diverse needs of this sector has allowed the product to establish itself in many complex and competitive contexts.

It is with special pride that we inform you that TecnoGen has been present for years in the Formula1 environment. In particular, one of the Fusteq models was employed during the latest 2018 F1 Grand Prix of Monte Carlo. Fusteq is TecnoGen’s ultra-silent product line, ideal for the entertainment industry.

TecnoGen establishes with its partners a process of continuous improvement and research, developing its products responding to the requests coming from the field.
It is this thanks to this attitude that TecnoGen can offer generators able to meet even such high standards as those of Formula1.

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