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  • 4x1000W metal halide lamps
  • Hydraulic mast made of galvanized steel
  • Maximum height 9 m
  • Rotation 350°
  • Fast and automatic deployment with safety system
  • 140 litres fuel tank, 85 hours autonomy
  • Noise level 60 dB(A) at 7 meters
  • Liquids bunding
  • 4 deploying stabilizers

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mcp120 80  mcp120 81  aus7310 81


HT+ENERMAX SERIES  01 perkinslogo kohler

HT+ENERMAX Series lighting towers have been designed as two separate units. They are manufactured by assembling a ENERMAX model power generator with a hydraulic metal halide lighting tower. The result is an innovative mobile unit, very versatile and easy to handle equipped with a road trailer. HT+ENERMAX lighting towers are available with the same configurations of HT Series as explained in the previous section.



  • Hydraulic metal halide lighting tower (4x1000W metal halide lamps)
  • Power generator ENERMAX model
  • Road trailer

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Legend: Name** engine emissions compliant Eu stage III A N= natural T= turbo (•) = Noise level compliant with European regulation 2000/14/CE

Note: the technical data are not binding

aus7310 13  aus7310 15  aus7310  acp7320 amf  acp7320 STS

acp7320 ATS

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